Learning to ride is easy with us
    Terms & Conditions
  1. Trainees must:
    1. Be able to ride a bicycle and have no mobility restrictions;
    2. Be able to understand & communicate with the instructors in English;
    3. Be appropriately dressed (see paragraph 10 below);
    4. Bring glasses/contacts if normally worn;
    5. Bring on the day of training either:
      • - a valid Provisional or Full UK driving licence or,
        - a valid EU driving licence that has been registered with DVLA. You must bring both the License and the registration document received from DVLA;
        - an up-to-date printout of your electronic driving record or
        - provide the last 8 digits of your driving license number and the one time access code that will enable us to view it;
        Old style Paper licences will require some form of photo ID;
        - a valid CBT certificate (for students taking part in DAS training)
        Trainees will not be able to participate in the course should they fail to bring the documents listed above and their fee will be forfeited.
    6. Ensure you have read and understand the current edition of the Highway Code;
    7. Settle all course fees in full prior to training;
  2. When training is undertaken on a Trainee's own vehicle, in respect of that vehicle Trainees must:
    1. Provide original proof of insurance;
    2. Provide a current original M.O.T. certificate where the machine is more than three years old;
    3. Provide valid 'road tax';
    4. Ensure L-plates are fitted on both front & rear of the motorcycle;
    5. Ensure the machine is roadworthy and in good working order;
      • Trainees will not be able to participate in the course should they fail to bring the documents listed above and their fee will be forfeited.
  3. CBT Trainees must arrive at or before 8:30.
  4. All day courses start at 9:00h and finish at 16:00h. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier to allow for booking time.
  5. Lateness will count as a cancellation and will result in payment being forfeited.
  6. A minimum of 72 hours' notice is required to cancel/postpone a CBT course, without which payment will be forfeited.
  7. A minimum of four clear days' notice is required to cancel/postpone intensive courses, including DAS training, without which the fee will be forfeited. Lateness will also count as a cancellation and will result in the fee being forfeited.
  8. All cancellations notified in time will be subject to a 10% administration fee.
  9. London Motorcycle Training reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course due to adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown or illness. In the case of cancellation your fees will be refunded in full.
  10. The Hackney Road Safety course is available to customers who use or travel through the Hackney's road network. By booking the Hackney Road Safety course, customers automatically confirm that this condition is met.
  11. Our customer's safety is of a paramount importance for us and therefore we reserves the right to cancel any course if Trainees are deemed inappropriately dressed for the course. In this event, the Trainee will forfeit their fee. Appropriate clothing: Substantial trousers (no shorts/jogging pants/jeans with holes; Long sleeve substantial jacket (no hooded jogging tops); Substantial boots or shoes with socks (no slip on/slip off footwear).
  12. CBT Trainees who do not, during off-road training, reach the required standard to go on the road ride will not be able to complete the course and will have to rebook. Rebooked CBTs will be charged at the usual rate.
  13. CBT Trainees who do not reach the required standard at the end of the course will not be permitted to ride home on their vehicles, and should arrange alternative transport for themselves and their machine at the end of the course.
  14. At the time of booking, all Trainees automatically enter a vehicle hire agreement with London Motorcycle Training which enables them to use the company's vehicles on the road for the duration of their training. Trainees will be liable and responsible for any traffic offences committed and penalties incurred whilst riding the company's vehicles.
  15. Trainees should note that they will be liable for any damage to a rider training vehicle up to a maximum of £250 in the case of mopeds/motorcycles of 125 cc or below and up to a maximum of £500 in all other cases. An option to purchase a liability waiver is available.
  16. London Motorcycle Training cannot guarantee that your preferred choice of bike will be available on the day of your training.