Hackney Marshes CBT Centre

CBT test in Hackney at "Hackney Marshes" CBT training Centre located at the Homerton Road Car Park near the Hackney Marshes Centre.

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Where and when

The CBT training takes place at the Homerton Road Car Park at the Hackney Marshes Centre, 1 Homerton Road, London E9 5PF.

The CBT training starts at 8:00, please ensure you arrive on time! There is a lot to cover in the day and if you arrive late you may not be allowed to join the course and will forfeit your fee.

Please don't forget to bring the following with you:

  • Provisional/Full UK Driving Licence! Or EU License that has been registered with DVLA together with the registration certificate received from DVLA.

  • Photographic proof of ID (if you have an old style paper licence).

  • Appropriate clothing: Jacket, Long Trousers (jeans, etc.), Waterproof Clothing, Sturdy Boots/Shoes and Spectacles (if normally worn).

  • If you are riding your own machine, please remember to bring the following documents: Proof of insurance, Current M.O.T. certificate (if applicable) and Valid ‘road tax’

  • Your machine should display L-plates both front & rear.

  • You should also ensure that your machine is roadworthy and in good working order

  • You will not be able to participate in the course should you fail to bring the things listed above, and your fee will be forfeited. We do not guarantee that your preferred choice of bike will be available.

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