Advanced Course

Advanced and Bespoke Motorcycle Training in London

London Motorcycle Training offer Advanced and Bespoke motorcycle training to suit all training needs. If you require something that is not listed here, we might still be able to accommodate you. Just contact us to discuss.

Advanced One Day Courses

All one day advance (coaching workshops) courses start at home with the initial contact either by phone or email. You are encouraged to complete an online rider profile, which helps your instructor identify your strengths and weaknesses. The day is then tailor made to suit your individual requirements. It is based on the Police pursuit style of training and is structured on a 1:1 Rider to Instructor ratio.

The day usually starts at 8am, and following an initial assessment ride, there are regular breaks for refreshments and debriefs. All the information, debriefs etc will be documented and you will receive a training journal at the end of the day.

Cost £350.00 (1:1 only)

Short Motorcycle Courses

1. Pre-CBT Course (1 hours):​​​​​​​​​​ A CBT tester course for people who want to complete a CBT training but feel unsure if they would be able to handle the bike. You'll get to try a scooter and the CBT maneuvers to build up your confidence before booking your actual CBT test.

Cost £35.00

2. Gear conversion lesson (1 hours): For people who normally ride an automatic scooter and want to start their journey towards a full motorcycle license. Or for those who just want to try a geared bike for the first time or build up and improve their skills riding a bike with manual gears.

Cost £35.00

Preparing for the RoSPA Motorcycle Test

The RoSPA’s advanced motorcycle test has been given the Driving Standards Agency’s seal of approval and has been recognised . The test is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging available to the public with a RoSPA Gold being the highest civilian riding standard. Have you got the ability to be a master of this art? If you have a good understanding and working knowledge of Roadcraft, the Police Riders Handbook and the Highway Code you are well on your way to taking the next step. The on-road practical training and assessment prior to test.

Cost - Subject to individual requirements of the rider

For more information or to make a booking, please contact Ross or Karen on 020 7241 6363 or email us at [email protected]