Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) in London

London Motorcycle Training will help you find and book Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) at various CBT Training Centres accross London.

What is CBT?

Most learner motorcycle and moped riders must take Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). It's a one day course designed to ensure you are able to ride safely and competently on the public roads before you are issued with the CBT certificate. It is valid for 2 years, at the end of which you will either have to pass your Full Motorcycle license tests or take the CBT training again.

The CBT certificate allows you to legally ride any moped or a motorcycle up to 125cc on the UK roads with some restrictions. You have to display L-plates, cannot ride on the motorways and cannot carry a passenger until you pass your Full Motorcycle license tests.

What does CBT involve?

The CBT course involves five elements:

A. introduction

B. practical on-site training

C. practical on-site riding

D. practical on-road training

E. practical on-road riding

The five elements have to be completed in sequence, although the order of the exercises within the element can be varied. You will only move on to the next element when your instructor is satisfied you have learnt the necessary theory and demonstrated the practical skills to a safe basic level.

CBT trainees who Do Not reach the required standard during the Off Road training, will not be able to complete the On road element and their CBT course will end there, and they will have to rebook. Rebooked CBT’s will be charged at the usual rate.

When all five elements have been satisfactorily completed, a certificate of completion, called the DL196, is issued. This is a legal document which validates the relevant entitlements on your driving licence. It is important that the holder of a DL196 considers the following points:

* a DL196 certificate validating a provisional moped or provisional motorcycle entitlement lasts for two years - CBT will have to be retaken if both theory and practical tests are not passed within the two year certificate life

* for moped entitlement only, if you pass your car driving test whilst your DL196 is still current or complete a CBT course and obtain a DL196 after passing your car test, the certificate is not subject to expiry, you will therefore need to keep your DL196 certificate safely. Please note that this applies to mopeds only, for riding motorcycles as a learner the DL196 remains valid for two years

Once you have your certificate you are advised to take additional training to pass your theory and practical tests and qualify for a motorcycle licence. You must take the DL196 certificate with you when you go to your practical test.

CBT Training

The training is provided by friendly and professional instructors and our goal is to ensure that every student receives the individual attention and training necessary for them to ride on the road safely and confidently.

Many people without prior motorcycle experience find it easier to do their CBT training on an automatic scooter. If your intention is to get a licence on a geared bike, we offer Gear Conversion Lessons for those who have completed their CBT training. Taking a CBT on an automatic 50cc still allows you to ride a geared 125cc if you are 17 or older.

LMT's office is located at 507 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AU. The CBT training takes place at different CBT training centres accross London.

You can book CBT tests every day of the week. The training usually starts at around 8:00, at our CBT training locations, and lasts for around 6.5h, provided all five elements have been satisfactorily completed.

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TFL has recently developed a new completely free online course, that can help you in the preparation for your Compulsory Basic Training. To access it please follow the link and log in as a guest.

What is included in the price of the CBT course?

When you book your CBT training with us, the following will be provided at no additional cost:
- Motorcycle or Scooter with either manual or automatic gear depending on your preferences
- Insurance to cover you during the on-site and the on-road elements of the training (if you use your own bike you'll need to arrange your own insurance as well)
- Helmet, Gloves and high visibility vest

If you wish to use your own bike you must remember to bring the following:
- Original insurance cover note or certificate
- Valid MOT certificate if your bike is older than 3 years
- Valid "Road tax"
- The bike must display L plates at both front and rear

What do you need to make a CBT course booking?

- Full or Provisional UK driving license or EU license that has been registered with DVLA (Form D9 to apply). You need to bring both the EU license and the registration document from DVLA on the day of your training.
- Be able to ride a bicycle and have no mobility restrictions
- Be able to understand and communicate with the instructors in English
- In order to book a CBT we will need to receive payment in full in advance.

Whether you book online, on the phone, or in person, we will not take payment until we have confirmed a suitable date is available. The payment is non refundable if cancelled less than 10 business days prior to the course. It is very important that you arrive on time and wearing appropriate clothing.

The other stuff you need to know

At London Motorcycle Training we make the process of learning to ride a motorcycle or scooter easy and enjoyable for you. The CBT course is essentially good fun - do not think that you are doing a car driving test. The atmosphere will be very different to that, you might even make a friend or two! Some students who do the course begrudgingly because they have to, have come back to the shop at the end of the day surprised that they learnt something and enjoyed themselves.

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